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Heavy metal band Metrabate from Fuerteventura in Spain, performs onstage during Cebollinazo Rock in Galdar, Canary Islands, Spain, on Saturday June 30, 2012
Cipri Cabrera Alonso (guitar), Augustin Rodriguez Perez (bass) and singer Raphael Pere. On drums Jonay Angel Rodriguez Santana
Cipri Cabrera AlonsoAugustin Rodriguez Perez and Jonay Angel Rodriguez SantanaAugustin and RaphaelSinger Raphael PereBassist Augustin Rodriguez PerezAugustinGuitarist Cipri Cabrera AlonsoHeavy metal singerCipri Cabrera Alonso and Augustin Rodriguez PerezJonay Angel Rodriguez Santana and singer Raphael PereGuitarist with long hairDanilo Ruiz LopezDanilo Ruiz Lopez and PereDaniloMetrabateRaphael and DaniloJonay Angel Rodriguez SantanaJonay Angel Rodriguez Santana in MetrabateDrummer in MetrabateHeavy Metal drummer

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