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Zack Monzon, Oscar Martel, Gustavo Alonso and Juanma Rodriguez in the new band Diskonectid from Canary islands, during a concert at music bar La Guarida del Blues.
Guitarist Zack Monzon in DiskonectidZack MonzonGustavo AlonsoSinger Juanma Rodriguez and guitaristGustavo Alonso in DiskonectidBand DiskonectidAcoustic Rock Govers Band DiskonectidJuanma Rodriguez and Zack MonzonGuitarist Zack MonzonZackJuanma RodriguezGustavo ASinger with beerGuitarist Zack Monzonmusic bar La Guarida del BluesOscar MartelAcoustic Rock Govers Band DiskonectidAcoustic Rock Govers Band DiskonectidAcoustic Rock Govers Band DiskonectidAcoustic Rock Govers Band Diskonectid

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