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Theater group Compagnie Lucamoros from France performing Blank Page (Page Blanche) during Theater, Music and Dance International Festival in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, on Tuesday 17 July 2012.

Australian aborigines believe that “The world only exists if pictures are painted and songs are sung about it”. For us, the world only exists if its walls sing and paint its history.In vivid images – explosions of colour and musical celebration.Here and now, with our bare hands and voices. (Compagnie Luc Amoros homepage 2015)
Page Blank woman portraitSilhouette pantingPainting yellow faceLuc AmorosPage BlanchePage blank with paintingsLuc Amoros paintLucamoros paintPage Blanche in nightLucamoros messageHiroshima Japan August 6, 1945Black page with white lettersPage blank backgroundPage Blanche backgroundLuc Amoros backgroundLuc AmorosLuc Amoros backgroundAfrican black backgroundFemale painter artistPainting with yellow

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